Collective Intentions for 2020

Collective Intentions for 2020

As a young nonprofit, all of our three years have been “big ones,” but 2019 seemed even more so. It was a year in which we honed our focus and took big steps. It was a year of growth. We celebrated partnering with 16 teen girls and 15 women through Sister Circles, engaging with 117 volunteers, and being blessed by 260 new donors, to name just a few big wins. 

We also experienced significant change. We (tearfully) celebrated a new chapter for our co-founder, Dana, as she transitioned out of the role of executive director, and we confidently welcomed our former operations director, Lauren, to step into the interim position. We’ve said goodbye to program members, volunteers, and staff, and hello to many new members of this collective. 

In this new year–and decade–we at Treetops are starting from a place of intentionality. We are bursting with plans and dreams both for our future and for how we can engage the greater community to make West Michigan a place of welcome. 

To be successful in this, we need the partnership of each member of our collective. A new year provides each of us with the opportunity to determine how we want to invest our time, talents, and treasure into this mission through advocacy, volunteering, and financial support.

As a team, we’ve set intentions for 2020 on how we are going to approach this year––in both our personal lives and professional lives––and strengthen this collective.

Treetops Team Intentions for 2020

Lauren, Interim Executive Director

  • Personal: The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 feels like turning a new page in a lot of ways, and I will be continuing to establish new rhythms that match other changes in my life.
  • Professional: To discern what the opportunities are for Treetops to continue evolving to meet needs in our community--how can we continue to innovate and build unique relationships that foster belonging and flourishing for all?

Tarah, Co-founder and Director of Business Development

  • Personal: After this last year of transitioning from our adoption, I’m investing in healthy rhythms that bring rest and connection. Anyone in this community want to wake up early with me?!
  • Professional: Maximize the best of what we’ve created through the social enterprise to grow our revenue and increase engagement with our mission. 

Abby, Development Director

  • Personal: Not to wait for other people to find me but to seek out people with whom to build the community I crave.
  • Professional: To be courageous in stating the needs of our collective and inviting community members to meet those needs.

Siobhan, Community Manager

  • Personal: To get out into the community and meet new people.
  • Professional: To continue to recruit volunteers into the collective! We can’t do this work without wonderful community members to be cross-cultural partners, transportation volunteers to get cohort members to and from workshops and child care volunteers to look after kiddos during workshops. Volunteers make the collective who we are and we appreciate them so very much! 

Shadia, Community Development Director 

  • Personal: Make more time for self-care. Between being a wife, mom to two little ones, and working, life can get hectic. I need to remember to take a break and breathe because my brain can easily go on the whole day and night.
  • Professional: Always bring my best and whole self to every project I do. Also, don’t procrastinate.

Sylvia, Community Connector

  • Personal:  Make healthier choices about the kind of food I eat.
  • Professional:  Be on time for team meetings. 

Jenna, Social Enterprise Manager

  • Personal: Be present, healthy and balanced.
  • Professional: Be a positive influence, advisor, and implementer for Treetops social enterprise in 2020.

Jamie, Storytelling Coordinator

  • Personal: To be present in the big and small moments of each day and live mindfully. 
  • Professional: To find new, impactful, and personal ways to share the stories of this collective and engage even more members of our community in the work of Treetops. 

Elvira, Interim Sister Circles Program Manager

  • Personal: To not just keep planning for the future, but enjoy and treasure the present moment.
  • Professional: To work each day, no matter what the task, with enthusiasm and excitement.

Estefania, Social Enterprise Teen Program Facilitator  

  • Personal: To continue to embrace change and trust that things always work out.
  • Professional: To grow the impact of the teen social enterprise program.

Megan, Program Assistant  

  • Personal: To be intentional in finding the meaning and purpose in both the seemingly small things and big things alike. 
  • Professional: To be a bold cheerleader and advocate in spreading the message of welcome and the mission of Treetops to all who cross my path and are within my circle, even when, especially when it’d be easier to stay quiet and avoid discomfort. And then just as important, ensuring that I’m not only leading in words but in intentional everyday actions as well, both big and small. 

Khara, Accountant

  • Personal: To stay grounded in truth and love, to see beauty in all things, to stay connected honestly with those I love, to stay open to all that’s changing around and within me.
  • Professional: To be genuine, transparent, honest, and forthright. To step into challenges with an excitement to grow my knowledge and abilities, rather than shrink out of fear.