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Jenna is the social enterprise manager of the Collective, which basically means she’s the one who makes sure all of our production, custom work, and inventory is ON POINT. She works closely with Tarah, our business development director, and Nadia, our lead sewer, to dream, develop, and sell our product line as well as execute custom work orders. 

Through her social enterprise work, Jenna actives the larger community by connecting women and teen girls to employment opportunities and expanding the reach and influence of Treetops’s work to customers and future collective members. 

As a lover of community and welcome, she’s been an admirer of Treetops since it was just a newborn nonprofit. She jumped at the chance to join the social enterprise team and make business work for good. She loves to brainstorm new ideas, problem solve and helping people execute their ideas. (Got an idea and don’t know how to make it? Jenna’s your gal.)

Jenna loves gathering and welcoming over food. She used to work on a small vegetable farm and loves to grow and cook food. Her favorite way to show welcome is to have people over for dinner.

Outside of Treetops, she can be found spending time with her people, laughing with friends and her husband, hiking outside, curled up with a book or working on her small business, Tater Tats, that makes vegetable-shaped temporary tattoos to get kids excited about eating healthy.