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Co-founder and director of business development at the Collective, Tarah is a force of nature––doing everything from product curation, design, and production to business and creative collaborations, and long-term strategic planning. Her wheelhouse, though, is connecting Treetops products to the marketplace—spreading welcome through creativity and business.

She activates the greater collective by connecting unlikely friends, businesses, or makers to meaning––creating a community that honors the strength in diversity. She loves to celebrate and create spaces for what uniquely makes each of us come alive––giving everyone an opportunity to be a part of welcoming. In her daily life outside of Treetops work time, Tarah is always advocating for the kind of community she wants to see.

After college, Tarah moved to Paraguay and developed a sewing project focused on savings and entrepreneurship for women living in extreme poverty. This inspired her to pursue a Masters of Sustainable Business upon her return.

As she tried to figure out how to honor her desire to create change in her community and pursue her passion for creativity and business, she befriended a Congolese neighbor. In the hands of this Enneagram 7, this cross-cultural friendship was the spark that started the fire we now know as Treetops. 

Tarah’s been showing welcome to New Americans for a long time. Her favorite New American is her family’s third child, a 14-year-old Chinese daughter adopted this year.