Meet Tarah

Executive Director and Co-founder, Tarah is deeply passionate about the intersections of culture, community and creativity. She believes that robust communities begin with the celebration of strengths, and a commitment to create room at the table to see those gifts utilized for the benefit of all.

Tarah is a force of nature––building our social enterprise from the ground up- doing everything in the early days, from product curation, design, and production to business and creative collaborations, and long-term strategic planning. 

She activates the greater collective by connecting unlikely friends, donors, businesses, or makers to meaning––creating a community that honors the strength in diversity. She loves to celebrate and create spaces for what uniquely makes each of us come alive––giving everyone an opportunity to be a part of welcoming. She has a redemptive imagination that keeps Treetops striving for innovation.

After completing her BA in Business and Sociology, Tarah moved to Paraguay and developed a sewing project focused on savings and entrepreneurship for women living in Asuncion's garbage dump community. This inspired her to pursue a Masters of Sustainable Business upon her return.

Soon after her first child was born, she befriended a Congolese neighbor. In the hands of this Enneagram 7, this cross-cultural friendship was the spark that started the fire we now know as Treetops.