Direct Support Fund

financially supporting new americans


To ensure the equitable representation of all individual fundraisers started by members of the Treetops Collective Concentric cohorts. 

What we will provide:

  • Tools to assist Concentric leaders and cohort members in creating successful online fundraisers, including on-call assistance from the Development Director
  • A page on our website (this one!) where we will post all ongoing fundraisers being held by members or alumni of Concentric cohorts
  • Feature of the webpage on our social media once each month - unless the page goes unchanged for more than two months in a row or there are no active fundraisers
  • Access to press connections at the request of Concentric leaders or cohort members and assistance as requested
  • Referral of donors to the webpage when appropriate

What we cannot provide:

  • Promotion of individual fundraisers
  • A guarantee that being located on the Treetops Collective website will ensure the success of any fundraisers
  • Cash advances on any online fundraisers
  • Tax deductions to any donors to individual fundraisers, nor can we be a pass-through for donations

If you have any questions, please contact us at Active fundraisers are listed below!

Purchase a van to help people get to work!

In 2021, Michigan was home to approximately 7% of its population as refugees and immigrants, as reported by the Data USA publication. This places the state in the top 30 in the nation, emphasizing its role as a destination offering refuge and hope to individuals from various corners of the globe. Aligned with the broader American dream, these newcomers share aspirations for a fulfilling life and seek to contribute to the nation's global successes in economics, freedom, and diverse sectors. However, the absence of reliable transportation and effective communication channels poses significant challenges, hindering their access to critical services, timely work attendance, and essential information and resources.