Circles of Support Facilitator Training

Peer-to-peer mental health support and advocacy led by and for refugee and immigrant communities

What are Circles of Support?

Circles of Support (COS) are peer-support groups led by New Americans, ensuring that all communities receive mental health access and education by facilitators with shared language and culture.

This comprehensive 5-session training includes: (1) an overview of the COS model, (2) in-depth content review for each module, and (3) all materials required to run a circle including the Facilitator Guide, Participant Workbooks, Intake Forms, and Evaluation Surveys, plus personalized coaching following training for continued support.

Additionally, participants complete some pre-work including reading and short videos that demonstrate key COS activities. Finally, the training concludes with a brief written assessment and a “practice circle” led by each facilitator-in-training required to become fully certified.


Trauma-informed and culturally-empathetic care is more accessible to New American neighbors when led by trained peers


West Michigan neighbors learn together and become better equipped to engage around health across cultural differences

Increased Access to Resources

Advocacy and education is shared about mental health resources among New American communities

Community Focused

Circles empower participants to heal through storytelling and support one another across shared journeys

Private Group Registration

$3,625 (up to 10 people)

Individual Registration

$575/person (schedule below)

*Should the cost of this training be prohibitive for you, please complete the grant-funds request at the end of the registration form.

Training Overview

Training Facilitators

Jenna Fiore, MSW

Program Operations Director

Luba Goncharenko

Collective Care Manager

About Collective Care

Community transformation requires collective action. Treetops Collective's Collective Care program mobilizes community members from diverse backgrounds to leverage their skills and knowledge for the benefit of all Newcomers. New Americans face many barriers in accessing many care resources, especially health care. Treetops Collective is working to break down these barriers and increase opportunities for accessing resources in ways that are more culturally empathetic and responsive. Through this program, Collective Care Specialists bridge gaps to local resources, advocate for ways to break down barriers and expand access to local services and essential resources, and facilitate cultural-based peer support groups across West Michigan. This peer-support program was piloted successfully in 2021 with a group of Afghan refugees and immigrants, and has was offered to 5 language groups in 2023 with new circles currently in progress.

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