We started by asking questions.

We started by asking questions.

How can the world do a better job of welcoming refugees? How can we answer that question in our own community? How can we be a city where refugee women can sink their roots down and flourish with their families for generations to come?

The Answer: Connecting Creative Citizens

The Answer: Connecting Creative Citizens

We passionately believe that each of our new neighbors has gifts, skills, and dreams that make our city better. Our mission is to connect these women to people and opportunities so they can flourish for generations to come. But we can't do this without you. Will you give to support our work of welcoming our newest neighbors?

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What We Do

  • Building Social Fabric

    Strong friendships make a strong community. We are creating opportunities for refugee women to support one another and opportunities to bridge cultural divides.

  • Growing Jobs

    We are connecting refugee women to jobs in the textile industry through strategic partnerships and creative social enterprise.

  • Creating a Welcoming Community

    In order for refugee families to flourish, they need the right environment to thrive. We highlight the skills and gifts that refugees are bringing to our city and provide opportunities for long time residents to meet our newest neighbors.