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Collective Update on a New Season);

Collective Update on a New Season

By: Dana Doll and Lauren Rahman Thompson An Update from Our Co-Founder, Dana: As I write this to all of you, members of the Collective, it feels more like a letter than a blog post. It feels that way because this Collective...
Creating Spaces of Welcome);

Creating Spaces of Welcome

By: Sandy Johnson, Treetops Volunteer I was introduced to Treetops Collective last August. I had heard about Treetops and wanted to know more–I wanted to see and hear about what they were doing. What I found were young, diverse women leaders who were courageously...
I Am More Than My Status);

I Am More Than My Status

By: Sylvia Nyamuhungu, Treetops Community Connector As humans, we are born into this world and into situations that are out of our control. There are children born in the midst of war, with no one prepared to take care of them; children who...