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Innovation in Mental Health);

Innovation in Mental Health

Mental health has received much more public attention in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress of a pandemic has had a tremendous impact on mental health, and our ability to constantly access information and breaking news has increased our collective sense...
We are Not Meant to Carry all of this Grief Alone);

We are Not Meant to Carry all of this Grief Alone

The following post was shared on the Treetops Collective Instagram and Facebook pages on May 25 following gun violence and mass shootings in Buffalo, NY, Kentwood, MI and Uvalde, TX. Inconceivable loss, pain, and injustice all around us, filling our news feeds and...
Revisiting our Roots);

Revisiting our Roots

Milestones often spark memories of where we’ve been and how we got to the milestone being celebrated. In honor of the 5th anniversary of Treetops Collective being granted 501c3 status, we asked two women who were instrumental in that move to take...
"Together We Can Rock the World");

"Together We Can Rock the World"

Often when we think about celebrating international holidays, we think on a global scale. Today is International Women’s Day, intentionally located in Women’s History month. Women who’ve made a global impact like Maya Angelou or Malala quickly come to mind as women...
Radical Welcome for Ukraine and for All);

Radical Welcome for Ukraine and for All

We've been reflecting quite a bit on our social media pages about the latest refugee crisis the world is witnessing as a result of Russian military forces invading Ukraine, but realized that these conversations were not accessible to those of you who...