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Rhythms of Rest & Renewal);

Rhythms of Rest & Renewal

Sandy JohnsonCoach for Treetops Collective Team Members We are almost halfway into 2020. There has been so much going on in our nation and in the world and it has stretched us and challenged us. There aren’t easy answers but understanding the...
World Refugee Month: Prasha is Essential);

World Refugee Month: Prasha is Essential

World Refugee Day is coming up on June 20, but we’re taking the entire month to celebrate #WorldRefugeeMonth and the invaluable contributions that New Americans, refugees, and immigrant workers make to our national economy. This has always been true, but over the past few...
Ramadhan: Time to Take Stock);

Ramadhan: Time to Take Stock

By Shadia Mbabazi We are in one of the holiest months of the year on the Muslim calendar––the month of fasting, also known as Ramadhan. Fasting is prescribed for every believing man and woman in the Quran, however, there are circumstances whereby...
Hope and Resilience in a Time of Unknowns);

Hope and Resilience in a Time of Unknowns

Featured image: art by Anusree Sattaluri, included in our Cozy and Connected Box Nearly two months ago, I stepped into my new role as executive director and had to ask questions no founder wants to ask. Do we close our doors? Do we pause our Sister Circles...