Sparking Joy through Welcoming Spaces

Sparking Joy through Welcoming Spaces

In the last year, during our building renovation, we've thought a lot about how physical space can create belonging. We've asked questions like, "Which lighting feels more welcoming?" and "Does paint color matter?"

When it came time to organize our office, we already knew the importance of intentional and creative use of space. That is where Mabel Heitmeier of Spark Joy in MI came in.

mabel of spark joy mi standing and smiling with her arms crossed

Mabel believes in creating tidy spaces that offer comfort and peace. At Treetops, these values align with our desire to create a space that feels welcoming for all. Mabel is a certified organizing consultant trained by Marie Kondo, a tidying expert, bestselling author, and star of Netflix's hit show, "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" and "Sparking Joy."

Mabel says, "I founded Spark Joy in MI because I was inspired by small space organization from my childhood in Hong Kong and frequent travels around the world. I am passionate about helping people to get organized and live their ideal lifestyle surrounded by only the things that spark joy."

Inspired by her first job in Hong Kong, which included opening a new US branch office in 2017, Mabel says, "Having the experience of being a New American myself, I understand how important it is for New Americans to have a purposeful space to call their own, to connect with others, and build relationships and belonging."

She goes on to explain, "Research has shown that organization can positively impact many aspects of our lives (finances, relationships, career, spirituality, health, hobbies, community, etc.). By surrounding ourselves with only the things that spark joy and designating proper homes for these items, we are making our space a more welcoming place for all who live and visit here."

The core values of Treetops inform the work we do everyday and support our mission. The values of Radical Welcome and Cross-Cultural Connection resonate most with Mabel. "I am passionate about sharing joy with others by developing genuine relationships, and I strive to create an inclusive environment to meet people right where they are at."

before and after image of a messy warehouse and clean organized shelves

The old, dusty warehouse building at 906 Division S has been completely transformed into a beautiful and welcoming office and event space. And thanks to Mabel at Spark Joy in MI, our office, storage, and event supplies are organized in a simple and efficient way for our team and guests.

"I am looking forward to making more meaningful contributions to Treetops and my community. Let's Choose Joy and Spread Welcome!"

spark joy in mi logo, a white shape of michigan with a navy blue background