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Within the walls of our South Division space, we are making beautiful things and building a beautiful community.

Our creative space is where we do the core work of connecting Grand Rapids’ newest creative neighbors with people and opportunities in West Michigan. We are within walking distance of many Treetops Collective members and accessible to those living in outlying areas by the Silver Line of the Rapid bus system.

Any given day, our headquarters are a whir of activity, production and laughter. If you pop by, here are a few things you can expect to experience:

  • Sewing machines humming amidst conversations about what it’s like to make Grand Rapids your home
  • Local artists teaching a creative workshop
  • Guests shopping our pop-up shop for handmade goods
  • Community groups being led by refugee women
  • English conversation groups
  • Story-sharing around cross-cultural potlucks
  • Creative therapy groups led by a professional therapist
  • Baby showers for expectant refugee women


Our space is currently host to two textile businesses and we have room available for two creative professionals on a drop-in monthly membership. If you are a photographer or designer looking to work outside of your home in a new environment, please contact us to reserve your spot.