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"Together We Can Rock the World");

"Together We Can Rock the World"

Often when we think about celebrating international holidays, we think on a global scale. Today is International Women’s Day, intentionally located in Women’s History month. Women who’ve made a global impact like Maya Angelou or Malala quickly come to mind as women...
Radical Welcome for Ukraine and for All);

Radical Welcome for Ukraine and for All

We've been reflecting quite a bit on our social media pages about the latest refugee crisis the world is witnessing as a result of Russian military forces invading Ukraine, but realized that these conversations were not accessible to those of you who...
May you not be tired);

May you not be tired

A few weeks ago we hosted a women’s workshop in our space that focused on rest - answering, “How can a woman care for herself in the midst of weariness and overwhelm?” Not the chocolate, bubbles and wine type of rest, but...
My life in America);

My life in America

We are thrilled to highlight the talent of Michigan Refugee Youth for this month of June as we prepare to celebrate World Refugee Day on June 20th. Below is a story we want to feature written by Prajeeta Mangar on her journey...