Making the Workplace a Work of Art: About Stanton Interiors

Making the Workplace a Work of Art: About Stanton Interiors

Stanton Interiors is a design company based in Grand Rapids, MI dedicated to helping you curate timeless and inviting spaces. We tackle both small and large projects - whether you just need a little sprucing up or if you're ready to tear down some walls, let Stanton Interiors help your vision come to life. With individual attention to each client, we pride ourselves with getting to know you and your specific needs so that each space feels personalized to you.

Tell me about yourself and why you started Stanton Interiors:
Margaux, owner and interior designer at Stanton Interiors, developed her passion for design from her parents' love and appreciation for all things beautiful - art, fashion pieces, architecture, decor, cobbled streets, how a chef plated a dish, the shape of a faucet, everything and anything! As she began designing her own spaces and eventually homes, she was able to refine her appreciation for turning spaces into works of art. She began working with friends and family to help design and style their homes and the enjoyment of watching others fall back in love with their homes inspired the start of Stanton InteriorsStanton Interiors was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a space that they’re excited to come home to every day – a space that is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also functional and personal to them. 

What cross-cultural work inspires you most/why are you passionate about cross-cultural decor and connection?
Having grown up in Hong Kong, a place of many international influences, Margaux has always appreciated learning about and experiencing cultures of both my own heritage and those of others. Being abroad meant she was lucky to be able to travel often. While food is a known favorite of Margaux's to experience and explore, the colors, traditions, languages and way of life of other cultures plays a large role in the textiles, shapes and designs she uses in her work. Margaux finds that by bringing cross-cultural influences into a space, it can help create a unique style that acknowledges history and focuses on classic looks over fleeting trends.

How would you describe the importance of space/decor/style in making a space feel welcoming to all?
When you walk into a room and you feel drawn to relax on the couch with a warm tea, or enter a kitchen and picture yourself chopping vegetables and herbs to create a delicious dish - this is our goal. We believe that the design and decor of a space affects your mood and can even make some of your day-to-day tasks such as folding clothes enjoyable and relaxing. 

What values resonate the most with your work and why? 
Stanton Interiors is based on the values of inclusiveness, cross-cultural connection and communication. We believe that when picking an interior designer, it is important to find someone who is going to take the time to get to know you, make you feel comfortable, and truly understand not only what style you are seeking, but also to understand you and your family as individuals. With a background in psychology and masters in social work, Margaux prides herself in being able to individualize each client's projects so that when a space is complete, it feels authentic to each person and family. 
Please enjoy a photo gallery of the spaces Margaux has decorated for us. Get in touch with her to learn more about how Stanton Interiors can help you with your next project at their website: