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A Post-Election Collective Meditation);

A Post-Election Collective Meditation

On Friday, November 6, we took a collective pause in the midst of post-election uncertainty and confusion. On our Instagram Live, Khara DeWit, our Operations Manager, and Estefanía Romero, our Teen Social Enterprise Internship Facilitator led us in this reflection and a...
We are in this Together: Neamat's Story);

We are in this Together: Neamat's Story

Written by Megan Pipe, Program Manager I admit my bias, but from where I sit as Program Manager, the Cross Cultural connections and partnerships fostered through Sister Circles are some of the most extraordinary expressions of Treetops Collective’s work. The power of...
Rhythms of Rest & Renewal);

Rhythms of Rest & Renewal

Sandy JohnsonCoach for Treetops Collective Team Members We are almost halfway into 2020. There has been so much going on in our nation and in the world and it has stretched us and challenged us. There aren’t easy answers but understanding the...