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Asked what she can’t live without, Sylvia says: humans. And that’s what made her so amazing in her role as our community connector over the past three years.

Sylvia works alongside the teen girls in the Sister Circles program. She activates these New American leaders by helping them identify goals and working together to accomplish them. She loves developing meaningful relationships with the New American members of the collective. 

A New American herself, Sylvia made a choice to be welcoming of anything different when her family resettled in Michigan––be it food, languages, people, you name it. She says that this decision was one of the best she’s ever made. It has helped her become more compassionate, forgiving, and a better citizen of the world. We at Treetops are so glad Sylvia didn’t follow through on her original plan to study accounting in college and instead pursued her passion for international development studies at Calvin University.

In her free time, Sylvia likes to keep up with world events. She loves watching debates over world issues and informational comedy shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.