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Jamie calls stories the heartbeat of Treetops. She should know. As our storytelling coordinator contractor, Jamie spends ten hours each week telling the big story of Treetops in as many ways as possible – via website, blog, photography, email, social media, and print. 

She activates the larger collective by engaging them in our mission through the stories of collective members––including the New American women and teens in the Sister Circles program, staff, volunteers, donors, business partners, and board members. She loves bragging about all the ways this collective works together to create a more welcoming Grand Rapids and is inspired by the empowered team of women leaders at Treetops. 

Always scheming the next adventure, Jamie loves to travel and has felt most welcomed when she’s abroad and out of her element––namely in Bosnia, Eswatini, Vietnam, and Norway. Back home, she shows welcome by inviting others to join her in things she loves doing––hot yoga, book club (she’s four books deep right now) or a trip to the dog park or local brewery––sharing a bit of herself so that others feel invited to do the same. 

Jamie’s next-life job would be running a dog rescue and training ranch a la Cesar Milan with a travel journalist side-hustle advocating for women in crisis around the world.