She came for a better life. 

Let’s build it with her!

Treetops Collective is a cross-cultural movement that connects with and invests in New American women and teen girls. Become part of our community welcoming refugees in West Michigan.

Cross-cultural connection helps our new neighbors sink their roots deep

Treetops is helping New American women, mothers, and children build community, gain new resources, become a part of their new community. Let’s make sure you’re a part of making West Michigan a great place for our neighbors.

Cross-Cultural Partners

Transportation Volunteers

Makerspace Volunteer

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It’s more than just resources, it’s empowerment.

We work together with New American families to use their skills to develop opportunities where they can not just survive here but put down roots and truly thrive.

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New American leaders across language groups build a yearly cohort of about 20 families. This structure not only lifts up refugee women as leaders in their communities, but also provides support and resources to New American families.

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Teen Enterprise 

This 10-week paid internship allows refugee teen girls the opportunity to learn business skills, and apply them in the creation of a product that tells their story in an empowering way.

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Collective Care

Reimagining ways in which we respond to mental health and resource navigation as entire communities

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Driver's Training

There are practical daily needs for New American families in Grand Rapids that require driving. We work with schools and instructors to provide access and funding for driver's training.

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