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Regardless of where we come from, mental health is something that touches us all and impacts everyone differently. We all deserve to experience mental health well-being but we also recognize that barriers and limitations to access mental healthcare exist in our community.

Through the Amani Mental Health Consortium, seeking to build a community of practitioners in West Michigan that are invested in supporting the mental health and well-being of New Americans (those new to our community via refugee or immigration status). We are working to identify those willing to serve New Americans, especially as we continue to navigate the impact of recent events.

Whether you are a mental health professional seeking to get involved or a community member wanting to learn more or volunteer, we can all partner in caring for the mental health of our New Neighbors. We are looking for partners in three main areas:
  • Joining our list of practitioners,
  • Attending the Lunch & Learn Series
  • Supporting Circles of Support.
See more details below.

Join Our List of Interested Practitioners

Are you a mental health professional and interested in working with the New American community? Join our growing list of practitioners to learn more about serving New Americans in your practice.

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Lunch and Learn Series

Become more equipped to work with New Americans with our Lunch and Learn Series. The Lunch and Learn Series provides a rotation of topics
focusing on the following:

Refugee 101
Working with an Interpreter
Supporting the Mental Health of New Americans
Understanding Culture: Afghan

You can find a recording of these four sessions below.

Hosted by Treetops Collective in collaboration with
Western Michigan University and Bethany Christian Services.

Support the Circles of Support

As part of our response to incoming Afghan families, Treetops Collective in partnership with Bethany Christian Services will be holding Circles of Support for our New Afghan neighbors. This is a group time with a therapist (interpreter included). At a time of change, uncertainty and displacement, we are hoping to provide a safe community space to offer meaningful support and
connection. See ways to support this work below.

Childcare Volunteers

Thursdays from 9AM - 12PM. Volunteer for one or multiple dates.

By joining as a childcare volunteer, you can help our new neighbors by allowing them to fully participate in these sessions while knowing their child is cared for. This will take place in our building, where the sessions will be occurring.
Become a volunteer

Make a Donation

Your financial gift supports the collective work of Amani.
As organizations and mental health practitioners come together to support the mental well-being of New Americans, your gift allows us to invest in the people, resources, and supplies needed to reduce barriers and increase access to care.
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