Land of Life - Print
Land of Life - Print

Land of Life - Print

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Designed and screen printed by the Teen Social Enterprise Interns in collaboration with Dayna Walton, designer of Solstice Handmade.

  • Printed on kraft tone cardstock
  • Size: 11 x 14 
  • Paper color: carbon copy
  • Teal colored ink 

The Land of Life design combines drawings from each interns' meaning of home, including plants from each of their native countries and Dayna's art work.

"I feel at home when I'm with my family because they understand me and I can tell them anything and that's why I chose a symbol of a shirt that everyone in my family owns. I also drew a plantain tree because it is famous in my country, Tanzania, and it is what most people like to eat." - Leila

"I feel at home when I'm seated with my whole family chilling and laughing together. I drew  a banana plant to represent Uganda and a symbol of a group of people seated together which represents the unity I feel at home." - Neema

"I feel at home with my family because I can be myself and I don't worry about what they think of me. I drew a heart to represent love, kindness and happiness in my family. I drew a potato to represent my culture because it is popular in my country, Rwanda, and when it grows it gives us food." -Alliance

"I feel at home when I'm with my family and siblings because I feel safe and comfortable around them. I can share with them my happiness and sadness. My siblings mean a lot to me so I drew a face to represent how we all have the same forehead and a rose because it is our favorite flower. I also drew a kaffin corn and sorghum because it represents my country of Rwanda" - Clemance


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