Meet Zakia

Meet Zakia, a dedicated individual with a passion for learning and bringing change to the community. In 2018, Zakia completed high school in Kabul, Afghanistan, setting the stage for a future filled with learning and growth. In 2020, she further expanded her linguistic horizons by completing English language courses in her hometown.

Zakia's passion for effective communication led her to Kabul University, where she invested three years in the field of Communication & Journalism, earning her degree in 2021. With a commitment to the art of debate and argumentation, Zakia engaged in a training program on the British Parliamentary Debate at Kabul University in 2021.

Zakia came to the United States at the end of 2021 as a refugee with her siblings, eager to embrace diverse perspectives. She journeyed to Sacramento, California in 2022 to complete English language courses at the Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools(hccts) English Language Program. She moved to Grand Rapids in 2022.

In 2023, Zakia became a concentric women member of the Treetops Collective. After one year as a member, she became a Women Concentric Leader, she leads 7 women from the Dari community. Zakia, currently working in the General Manufacturing-Ventra company GR5 from September 2022 up to now. Recognizing the significance of healthcare, she broadened her skill set by completing a program focused on preparing for a career in healthcare at the Literacy Center of West Michigan in 2023.

Zakia's multifaceted educational experiences reflect her resilience, adaptability, and genuine dedication to continuous learning. As she continues her journey, Zakia brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for making a positive impact in various fields.