Meet Sarafina

My name Is Sarafina Kisile,
I was born and raised in the Republic Democratic Congo. I graduated 2 years ago from the University of Bridgeport. I got my Bachelor degree in International Political Economy and Diplomacy and double majored in Political Science. I believe that each one of us has a beautiful and powerful story and that story has shaped who we are today as individuals . I am an introvert , but I also enjoy connecting to people on a deeper level through sharing. I am always curious and attracted to other people's cultures, languages and way of life and that’s one of the reasons I love traveling to different countries.

  I love and feel fulfilled when I help and serve others so for the past 8 years have done that through volunteering for the Red Cross as an Interpreter. Volunteering at the Red Cross has helped me understand how we all have something to give to our community. I started interpreting, checking with new Americans and visiting family so I can interpret when I myself could barely speak good english. I understood that New Americans want to feel safe and want to connect to something or someone they can identify themselves with or spoke the same language or can just relate too. I also had an opportunity to work as a Language Services Admit Coordinator at Corewell Health Hospital and there was a time I had to help people who spoke my language with simple things such as giving directions or checking them in….
I speak English, Swahili, French and a bit of Nyanja.

      I love traveling, so I travel whenever I get a chance. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my sisters. I love music and I spend most of my time learning DIY, and I strongly believe in the phrase, “you look good, you feel good.” I love fashion, so whenever I have free time I love dressing up, taking some beautiful pictures and I love it all the time.