Meet Lucy

My name is Lucy Faniki. I'm from Zambia. I am currently pursuing my accounting associate's degree at Grand Rapids Community College. I intend to enroll at Davenport University to pursue a business administration degree after getting my associate's degree. 

I enjoy hanging out with my friend Dalia and my family members during my spare time.Despite being an introvert, I have been known to be as loud as a lion when I'm around certain people. I enjoy eating. Why not? The best invention of all time is food. I spend a lot of time studying, even though my grade does not improve by a large percent. The struggle is real!

Even while I have a lot of things I adore, I also have a lot of things I despise or find annoying. Although I'm sure we all have a few, I believe mine is the worst. My biggest pet peeve is taking someone's favorite clothes without letting them know first hand. My sister likes to take my new clothes that I haven't even tried on yet. Like the audacity!