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As the Treetops Collective’s Special Projects Manager, Laur (any/all) is here to make their co-workers’ dreams and ideas come true. Whether it is a new web service, improved internal processes or other exciting new opportunities, she makes sure each project is on time, on budget and exceeding its goals. Laur is known to be an over-caffeinated, notoriously prepared virgo with a plan or at least a template for everything.

Laur graduated from Freie Universität Berlin in 2017 with a degree in Political Sciences, focusing on identity construction, diasporas and political massacres. Since then, he has been working tirelessly at the intersection of queer and refugee/immigrant community building, establishing a refugee focused community center in Berlin followed by a digital community center for trans and non-binary people to fill the gap left by COVID related lockdowns of in-person community spaces. Next to her work at Treetops Collective, Laur is also managing the development of a digital mutual aid network for trans and non-binary people in the US, focused on supporting trans people having to flee anti-trans legislation.

Both Laur’s chosen and given family are made up of immigrants and refugees from all corners of the world including Vietnam, Iran, Brazil, Hungary, Germany and the US. She herself has lived in five different countries, speaks four languages and is at home in transition, constantly arriving and building for themselves and others.

In her free time, Laur makes art with their wife, reconnects with nature as a long-distance hiker and dives into other artist’s worlds through video games.