Meet Kala

Professional Hairstylist 
Collective Care Specialist 
Women's Concentric Leader 

My name is Premkala Pokhrel, I was born and raised in a refugee camp in Nepal. My journey started in 2009 as a refugee American and I am very thankful for what this country has given me and my family. I was just a teenager when we came to this beautiful country filled with many opportunities. I completed high school in 2013 from Lincoln High School. My journey as a professional Hairstylist started in 2014. I worked as a hairstylist at Cookie Cutters Haircuts for kids and got to know my strength there. I never knew I would be good at that. I loved making kids, and the parents feel welcomed and less stressed. I got to work with so many amazing kids with disabilities and special needs and they became like my family members.

That's what motivated me to join Treetops and be part of something bigger and help people see there is light. I am a passionate Women's Concentric Leader and Collective Care Specialist at Treetops Collective. I have been part of our beautiful Bhutanese/Nepali Community as a volunteer back in our struggling days. I have always been very vocal about being involved in the communities and connecting with one another. Beyond all of this, I love spending some quality time with my beautiful family and friends.