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Meet Estefania––our social enterprise teen program facilitator. She activates the larger community by collaborating with creatives to provide employment experiences to New American teens.

Her first language is Spanish and she has moved 7 different times in her life. Originally from Venezuela, she has also lived in Boston, Houston, Miami, Savannah, Austin and now recently finds herself home in Grand Rapids.

In her free time, she loves to practice yoga. She first became certified as an instructor to better my practice and to implement yoga into my line of work with girl empowerment. Yoga has now become a big part of her lifestyle because she says “it helps my body and mind stay healthy. I try to not spend too much time away from my mat.” 

She’s felt welcomed by others who make an effort to include her. When she moved to Miami her sophomore year of high school, she was invited to a BBQ at a family’s home before school started, where many of her new classmates would be attending. It was an easy way to make friends and feel more welcome at my new school. 

How she feels welcomed is also how she likes to make others feel. When she lived in Austin, she organized a meetup group for those who were new to the city to get together for coffee. “I found that having this space allowed other women to feel welcome and have a space to share their stories,” she says. And as a result of hosting this group, she made one of her best friends.