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We are always looking for welcoming volunteers to fill these roles. Our work is only possible because of this larger collective of welcoming neighbors.

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9 month commitment
Once a week or once every two weeks

Cross-Cultural Partners within our Concentric program walk alongside New American women and teen girls as friends and allies. Partners meet one-on-one with program members once a week for the 9 months after the introduction is facilitated. You will experience life together, meet in each other’s homes and other mutual places, meet family members, attend Treetops’ Creative Gatherings, share meals, practice English and go on excursions around Grand Rapids.

Transportation Volunteer
As Needed
Volunteer Drivers within our Concentric program make it possible for New Americans to attend gatherings and workshops on important topics like education, personal health, American systems, community leadership, financial management and much more. Volunteer Drivers will pick up teen girls from school or women from their home and bring them to the designated location and/or bring them safely home afterward. It's as simple as that!

Makerspace Volunteer
As needed and able
Be put on a short list of people to work with us in our makerspace and at community events, both with New Americans and with other volunteers. This role includes providing support such as selling our goods at pop-up shops, tagging products, running open retail hours, counting inventory, pricing products, organizing our makerspace, and much more.

Hospitality Volunteer
Hospitality Volunteers have the opportunity to serve at workshops so program members can share a meal together while gathering as friends and family. Volunteers will at times provide the food and at times simply pick up food from a local restaurant, then provide drink and food service to the group of 17-30 program members, Treetops team members, and volunteers.

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For any questions regarding volunteering or getting involved in the work of Treetops, please reach out to info@treetopscollective.org.

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