Sharing Financial Sustainability: Give Back Grant

Sharing Financial Sustainability: Give Back Grant

As a nonprofit, our work at Treetops is made possible in part through the generosity of over 120 monthly donors. In 2021 we started sharing the benefits we've received from monthly donors more directly with New American leaders through a new initiative called the Give Back Grant. 

Immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs are making significant contributions to the Kent County economywithout the support of funding streams dedicated to New American innovation

Because of the financial stability offered to us by monthly donations, Treetops is able to innovate new solutions to current issues facing refugees and immigrants. We wanted to offer that same opportunity to newcomer businesses in the form of a grant funded by all monthly donations collected every year during December.

Past Grant Recipients

Treasure for All Nations Daycare, led by Ngoi Nicole Banza
West Michigan Home Care, led by Krishna Bista

Past Grant Runners Up

Didas' Language Facility
Tena's 24hr Childcare
Emme's Plantain Chips
Motherland Cultural Connections

Monthly donors are eligible to vote each January for the newest grant winner. Applications are open from mid-November through mid-December. 

Monthly giving is foundational to our financial sustainability at Treetops Collective, and we want to share the difference monthly giving makes to us with our newest neighbors.

You can learn more about New American entrepreneurship and its impact on our community from New American Economy. There is a great need for additional funding for New American innovation and ideas here in Kent County. If you have ideas or connections that would benefit New American entrepreneurs, we'd love to chat! Drop us a line at to get the conversation started.