Love Your Neighbor Year-Round: Join the Cultivator’s Club

Love Your Neighbor Year-Round: Join the Cultivator’s Club

Katie is a member of the Treetops board and she and her husband are both members of the Cultivator’s Club, our monthly giving program. At our Third Annual Event this past October, Katie and Matt shared why they give monthly to Treetops. 


Hi, my name is Katie Brubaker and this is my husband Matt. I’m on the board at Treetops but before that, we were, and continue to be, donors. There’s a lot of reasons people choose to give. Here are a few of ours: 

  • Headlines. We needed a response to where our nation currently sits in regards to the world refugee crisis. 
  • I’ve seen first hand how the lives of teen girls who have grown up in refugee camps have been changed because Treetops exists and equips them for a successful future here. 

  • We’re new to the area and wanted to reach out to others that are new too. 
  • It’s an investment in our current community as well as the community we want Grand Rapids to be. 
  • Where we give demonstrates our priorities. Investing in Treetops is a monthly reminder to ourselves, as well as a way to teach our children, what we think is important. 
  • I’ve been told by my Treetops cross-cultural partner, as we sat together at a bank, at the US customs and immigration office, and at her child’s school, “I don’t know how I’d be doing this without you. I don’t understand America yet. You all have too many appointments.” 

Join us in giving $100/month, or some other amount, and be a part of the Treetops’ monthly giving program, the Cultivator’s Club. Your gift every month will make it possible for New Americans to put their roots down in our community and thrive. 

By giving monthly, Treetops can make sure New American women and teen girls in the Sister Circles program are: 

  • WELCOMED into meaningful relationships that combat isolation
  • ENCOURAGED by stories of strength and hope from fellow New Americans in our Collective
  • EQUIPPED with the tools to learn, grow, and connect across cultural differences through cross-cultural relationships
  • EMPOWERED in workshops on issues that our newest neighbors have identified as critical to their success in Grand Rapids
  • CONNECTED to resources in our community through the support of a Treetops staff member who has also been through resettlement
  • PREPARED for the workplace by learning new skills and gaining customer service experience through our social enterprise program
  • SUPPORTED in letting their creativity shine through opportunities to craft handmade goods in our makerspace.