Meet Taryn

Meet Taryn Hoeksema, the Operations Coordinator at Treetops Collective. Beginning as a social work intern, Taryn now works to support the organizational operations across programs and development to further the mission of Treetops. This includes administrative support, fund development, professional development, database management, and grant reporting. 

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Taryn is a recent Calvin University graduate where she pursued a double major in social work and public health. The intersection of these disciplines provides a space where community members take the lead in addressing multidimensional long standing issues, work that Treetops does well. She has long been passionate about social justice and female empowerment, which she attributes to the intentionality surrounding diversity that her parents held throughout her childhood. Her study abroad experiences in Honduras and Uganda further revealed her interest in international community development work. Quantifying the impact of clean water in Honduras provided the framework to better understand resources, human rights, and the importance of community. Living with a host family and interning at a grassroots health foundation in Mukono, Uganda were formative in how she understands global development, cross-cultural engagement, and the practice of presence. 

Taryn is excited to be a part of the Treetops team as they work to spread welcome in West Michigan for new American women. She recognizes the significance of transforming our community into a place where people are no longer perpetual guests, but rather can establish their roots and thrive.

In her free time, Taryn enjoys reading, traveling, and spending quality time with her family and friends.