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Ishrak is an exchange student from Tunisia currently studying in Grand Valley State University where she is taking courses in International Relations and Global Studies and Social Impact. She came to the U.S. as part of a cultural exchange scholarship program that aims at giving an opportunity to Tunisian students to study for a year in the U.S. and learn about the American culture.

In Tunisia, she majors in English Education in L'Ecole Normale Superieure of Tunis and will be graduating in 2023 to become a higher education teacher. She likes to spend most of her extracurricular time volunteering as a teacher or with non-profit organizations. She volunteered intensively as a language teacher in her home country and worked with youth-led organizations as a content writer and social media manager.

She is passionate about writing and sharing stories and thoughts about issues relevant to youth in her region like mental health, women’s rights, and politics as well as globally relevant ones.

As she has met and worked with fellow youths from different countries and
backgrounds, she became more interested in current global issues like immigration and her future professional goal is to contribute to making life for immigrants and refugees in new countries better by working with international organizations that deal directly with those issues.

As an intern and volunteer in Treetops Collective, she is seeking to learn more about the situation of refugees in the host community and in Michigan and get involved in the process of helping them get more included in the community.

Ishrak describes herself as a polyvalent person because she cannot limit the topics she is interested in and the kind of work she wants to do. She is always open to new adventures and easily adapts to new environments. She likes learning foreign languages, travelling, and discovering new places and cultures. She also enjoys spending time chatting and trying new food with her family or friends. Her hobbies include playing the piano, dancing, listening to Korean pop music and hiking.