Celebrating 5 Years with Gratitude and Anticipation

Celebrating 5 Years with Gratitude and Anticipation

It started 5 years ago with a question. 

What if Grand Rapids were the kind of city where New American women are truly welcome? Not just where their presence is tolerated, but where they can sink their roots deep and flourish.

The kind of city where we don’t see “them.” We only see “us.” 

What if we were the kind of community where everyone belongs? 

Inspired by this dream, Treetops Collective formally launched our programs 5 years ago this March. Since then, hundreds of New American women and their families have become part of this community. They’ve found income, opportunity, and belonging. They’ve shared their incredible talents, voices, and vision. Together we’ve formed lasting connections across cultures and languages. 

But for us, celebrating this milestone isn’t so much about the past as it is the future. It’s about what kind of city we’ll be 5 years from now.

Our dream is to spread welcome across all of Grand Rapids. 

For New American friends. 

For neighbors we’ve never met. 

For those just like us and those who couldn’t be more different. 

Realizing this dream starts with you.

We’re celebrating 5 years by inviting you to connect more deeply with your neighbors. To discover community in unexpected places. To welcome and be welcomed. 

Will you join us?

We'll be announcing more next week! Don't expect an invitation to a gala or luncheon, just know that we'll be inviting you to join us in exploring our community, investing in cross-cultural relationships, and living out the values that drive our work each and every day. Thank you for walking with us!

Update: We've begun our celebration over at treetopscollective.org/welcome5 - join us!