Meet Krishna

My name is Krishna Bista and I am originally from Bhutan. I came to the United States towards the end of 2008. In 2007, before coming to U.S. I completed my teachers training program and I also went to GRCC for two years after arriving here. I am a certified in Marketplace Health Insurance, Nepali Interpreter, and Community Health Worker.

I live with my wife and two lovely kids, who were both born in the U.S. In my spare time, I love watching movies, biking, and going on a walk with my kids and cousins. 

I am passionate about refugee and immigrant communities and am always looking to find ways for a meaningful integration in their new homes in America. As a former refugee myself, I know the struggles of navigating resources to fully participate in this new community. I am particularly interested in addressing behavioral health issues amongst new Americans.

 My experience leading teams and organizing events and programs has prepared me to take on the important role of a collective care specialist. I have had the opportunity to plan, and coordinate programs and activities with various communities in West Michigan. I use data to inform my decision-making and create impactful strategies and programs that have positive outcomes.