Meet Kara

Kara is a proud mom of 3 young children who bring her joy through laughter and strength through adversity. She has developed her resilience muscle in motherhood and learned how to embrace the sense of adventure and inclusiveness kids bring to life.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Kara became an avid traveler during her Sociology undergraduate studies, where she felt welcomed by cultures and languages she couldn't understand with her eyes and ears, but instead felt with her heart. Something about being in an unfamiliar place made Kara feel most like herself.

Through work in higher education, social enterprise, and social impact marketing, Kara has built a unique set of skills that enable her to build authentic community online and inspire others to believe in a vision for a better future. She hopes to use those skills to invite others into the Treetops community and bring our collective vision to life.

When she's not proofreading dragon novels or Minecraft comics, you can find Kara reading historical fiction with a cup of cold coffee still in the microwave.