Meet Amina

Meet Amina, a dedicated Women’s Concentric Manager at Treetops Collective.

In 2001, Amina started her journey as a refugee in the United States, the land of opportunity and freedom. Making a home in the diverse community of Lansing. In 2014, she began a new chapter in Grand Rapids with her husband.

Amina attended community college for general study. Her professional journey started as a medical assistant for two meaningful years. Amina's path then connected with fundraising for public television and radio, sharing stories of hope and community.

The year 2022 marked a significant moment for Amina as she joined Treetops Collective as a member. After a year as a dedicated member of treetops, she became a Women Concentric Leader, guiding seven passionate women from the Somali community, creating dreams of connection and strength. The end of 2023, Amina became the manager of the women’s concentric program. 

Beyond titles, Amina loves spreading kindness all along her journey with Treetops Collective. She is dedicated to creating paths for women, like herself, to not only belong but also thrive. Amina's kindness extends beyond her professional role. In her free time, she is a guiding light at A Glimpse of Africa, leading as a team lead committee GALA member. She also contributes to the West Michigan Friendship Center as an adviser, and the American Youth Soccer Organization, nurturing young dreams as a coach assistant.

For Amina, joy is rooted in community support and personal growth. She finds happiness in quality moments with family and friends, creating moments of love and laughter. In both the plain and colorful snapshots of Amina's life, every piece tells a story of resilience and the art of thriving together.