Meet Amina

Amina is a Collective Care Specialist at Treetops Collective.

She came to the United States in 2001 as a Refugee. Her family and her settled in Lansing. She moved to Grand Rapids with her husband in 2014. She went to community college for general education. Amina worked as a medical assistant for about 2 years, and also worked as a fundraiser for public television and public radio.

In 2022, Amina became a women's concentric member of Treetops Collective. After one year as a member, she became a Women Concentric Leader. She leads 7 women from the Somali community. She is passionate about helping women like herself to connect with the community and flourish for generations. She is also a collective care specialist and program advisor for Treetops Collective.

Amina also loves volunteering in her free time. Currently, she volunteers for A Glimpse of Africa as team lead committee, West Michigan Friendship Center, and  American Youth Soccer Organization as coach assistant.

Community support and personal development brings so much joy to Amina.  Amina also enjoys quality time with family and friends.