Meet AC

AC our Concentric Program Manager supports our women leaders and is responsible for the success of Treetops Concentric programming. They work alongside the community leaders and empower mentors to be their best selves. Their goal and hope is to empower, support and build leadership and self skills in everyone they encounter. 

AC lives and works with a JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) lens and a global passion for bridging the equity gap.  They build community and profound connections wherever they grow. Through their family immigration journey and reconnecting to severed roots, AC has revitalized how they show up in the world and embodies a healing outlook as they navigate the world. 

Their global experience includes working as an ELL (English Language Learners) Interventionist, as a volunteer community organizer through the PeaceCorps and in their own journey of reconnecting with their bloodline. 

AC enjoys traveling, nature hikes and spoken word poetry. You can find them in the community connecting to new friends and relaxing in the sun.