Cross-Cultural Conversations


We recommend working through these questions both individually and in community. If you journal, reflect on these questions in your journaling over a week or two. Set aside a zoom call or a family meeting time to discuss with your loved ones. We hope these prompts will help you to consider and notice what your priorities are and what you want to take away from this time as you move forward.

If at any point in your reflection you are feeling pressure to perform, anxiety about what you have or have not accomplished, or are hearing voices of failure, PAUSE. Our intention is not to add more pressure to succeed or complete a million checklists. We do hope these questions will help you identify what care you need for yourself right now, and how you can play a role in building the community you want to be a part of - simply as you are.


  • Who do you feel most connected to in general?
  • Which communities are you a part of and continuing to participate in right now?
  • How have your relationships changed and adapted in the last 5 years?
  • How have your eyes been opened to new ways of relating to the people in your life? Do you know your neighbors?
  • What kind of new opportunities are there for getting to know the people living in proximity to you?
  • What community-building activities are you engaging in now that you want to continue in the future?


  • What am I grieving the loss of right now? How am I grieving?
  • What have I gained through life in the last year? How am I celebrating?
  • How am I walking through the world that is unhealthy? How will my posture change in the future?
  • How am I walking through the world right now that is healthy? How will I keep being this way?
  • What is making me feel safe? What is making me feel unsafe/less safe?