Community Resources


When a New American settles into their new life in a new city, one of the first obstacles they need to overcome is finding resources. They are navigating a system they have no experience with, and in a language they often don't understand.

One of the largest needs we see at Treetops is resource navigation. And not just that — we also recognize that while there is a lot of overlap in support, these organizations and services might not be aware of each other.

Combining efforts and making the process simpler for newcomers has been a goal of Treetops from the beginning. This community resource database is collaborative and hopefully simple to use.

Resources by Categories

Intersection Ministries

Tel- (616) 399-1872

-FREE citizenship classes! Students will receive study materials, practice the reading, writing, and speaking portions of the test, prepare an attorney packet with copies of required documents, and receive legal prescreening with an immigrant attorney!


Literacy Center of West Michigan

-Offers a variety of literacy programs for adults who read below a 9th grade level and/or who don’t speak English as their first language.

Kent ISD


Offers a variety of services including career tech, professional learning, career readiness, early childhood education and special ed center programs

Refugee Education Center


We support refugees in their journey to becoming fully participating members of the West Michigan community. We envision a thriving, multicultural West Michigan community where we all have an opportunity to pursue a better future

West Michigan Works

-Offers virtual job fairs and workshops and have staff able to assist with employment services

Address: 121 Franklin St SE Ste 120, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Register online for events and reach staff by phone 616-396-2154

Unemployment Services

-Required to actively seek work and report at least one weekly work search activity during their bi-weekly certification for benefits. Benefits will not be paid until the person reports a work search activity for the week to UIA. People can enter their work search activity in their MiWAM account at or certify with the Michigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network (MARVIN) by calling (866) 638-3993

-Work search activities list and different ways of listing work search activities for unemployment in the Flyer section.

CNA Training Michigan

-PES offers professional training opportunities and professional education ​throughout Michigan! We specialize in healthcare education, training, and development.

Address: 4608 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505E


Phone: (616)805-9255

Job Developer Bethany Christian Services

Job placements for New Americans under 5 years.

Simone Clark -Bethany Employment Supervisor

Email- - Employment Specialist

PES CNA Training Michigan

-PES offers professional training opportunities and professional education ​throughout Michigan! We specialize in healthcare education, training, and development.

Address: 4608 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505


Phone: (616)805-9255

Motherland Business Coaching

-For black Immigrant women in Kent County who are passionate about cooking and want to turn their culinary skills into a successful business. This 8-week coaching program empowers you with the tools and knowledge to become a successful entrepreneur and share your traditional ethnic and tribal dishes with the world.

Myra Maimoh

Tel- +1 (616) 262-4895


Spring GR


West Michigan Feeding America

-Mobile Food Pantries

SouthEast Church of Christ -1915 Nelson Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507



Feeding America

-Mobile Food Pantries


Food Club on Division

Catherines Health Center

Provides high quality, affordable, and compassionate healthcare to call (medical, dental, behavioral, and health support services).

Network 180

Kent County Community Health Authority. Adult Services, Youth + Family Services, Crisis Services. Serves individuals and families seeing help for mental illness, substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities and support services

Tel-(616)336-3909 or (800)749-7720 or Mobile Crisis- (616)333-1000

Email: info@network180.org790 Address: Fuller Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Salvation Army Housing Assistance Program (HAP)

HAP is a community-driven resource rooted in a Housing First, strength-based approach. HAP connects people who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness to the best available housing resource in the community. An assessment is done to better understand the needs of each person or family and then they are paired with a housing service provider from the community, known as Housing Resource Specialists. Rent assistance is spread out across year, so it can be hit or miss

Call to get updated info due to Covid


Address: 104 Clover St., Holland, Michigan 49423

Melanie Weaver, Director of Social Services

Fair Housing Center of West MI

preventing housing discrimination, remove barriers that allow it persists, and restore housing choice when discrimination happens

Liz Keegan 616-451-2980


Home ownership. Affordable housing options, financial readiness and credit repair assistance

Address: 1167 Madison Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Mario Leon (616)308-3974

Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF)

ICCF works with families to help them overcome barriers that interfere with economic independence. This includes obtaining/maintaining employment, increasing income, refining budgets, developing financials skills, lender - referred counseling, housing counseling and more. ICCF also provides home ownership opportunities for income-eligible households by building or renovating single family homes and townhomes.

Address: 415 Martin Luther King Jr. St. SE Suite 100 Grand Rapids, Mi 49507

Alicia Beene

Legal Aid of West Michigan

providing free legal advice and representation in a broad range of areas including consumer cases, family matters, housing problems, government benefits, and much more. Have Spanish Assistance

Grand Rapids address: 25 Division Ave S, STE 300 Holland address: Hastings Ave Holland, MI 49423

Tel- (616)394-1380


Daniel Bortond

Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates

Low-cost, high-quality immigration services. Have Spanish Assistance

412 West 24th Street Holland MI 49423

Sarah Yore-VanOosterhout Email -

(616) 298-8984

M-Thur: 9-5pm Tues:9-6pm

Warm Referral-Cannot give legal consultation over the phone. Consultation fee is $40, which 50% of this is needed to pay before consultation, and the 50% after consultation.Please email Sarah with brief description of situation before referring client to LIA.

Justice for Our Neighbors West Michigan

welcomes and supports low-income immigrants with free immigrant services and public advocacy

207 Fulton ST E

Call to schedule an appointment at a monthly clinic


Agency Phone (616)320-2734

First Place Building 207 Fulton E Grand Rapids MI

Michigan United

Citizenship classes, interview prep, reading and writing test, free classes virtually and in-person.

Stephanie Nauta
(877)507-7774 ext 710 or (616)287-3852


A nonprofit organization that provides hand-on postpartum support to families with newborns. Sends skilled volunteers to provide hands-on and emotional support to families with newborns for 2-4 hours per week for up to weeks. Things volunteers can do include: watch and care for babies, complete light housework, help with meal prep, give you time for self care, and provide mentorship.

Address: 233 Fulton St E Suite 226 Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Kimber Wager (Text only) 616-377-4733

Family Futures

Helping all children in the community reach their full potential through giving parents tools

Address: 678 Front Ave NW #210(616)454-4673

Strong Beginnings

a community partnership dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Black and Latine families during pregnancy and early childhood

Address: 751 Lafayette St NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503