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When a New American settles into their new life in a new city, one of the first obstacles they need to overcome is finding resources. They are navigating a system they have no experience with, and in a language they often don't understand.

One of the largest needs we see at Treetops is resource navigation. And not just that — we also recognize that while there is a lot of overlap in support, these organizations and services might not be aware of each other.

Combining efforts and making the process simpler for newcomers has been a goal of Treetops from the beginning. This community resource database is collaborative and hopefully simple to use.

Resource Search

Use this database to find the resource you're looking for. Sort or filter by category or search for a specific organization. Categories include: Affinity Group, Employment, Language Education, Parenting-Childcare, Health, Housing, Food, Financial, Entrepreneurship and Legal. COMING SOON!


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