Treetops Loves You

Treetops Loves You

Today we are celebrating the love we’ve felt from you, our community.

Though it’s an unsettling and painful time for many of our refugee friends who are deeply affected by this administration’s executive order, we have felt so much love from you.

Here are a few snippets of the love story made possible by your gifts:

  • A Rwandan woman in our Sister Circles program mentioned that she works third shift at a factory in town but misses sewing women’s dresses like she did back home. We were able to find her a free refurbished sewing machine from a local business.
  • We were able to introduce 35 women across cultural barriers to learn one another’s  hopes for the future, explore each other’s culture, and practice English together over cups of tea.  We have twenty more waiting to be matched.  We have had wonderful feedback from all of our members that they are thrilled to be a part of this program.
  • We filled our second informational meeting to capacity with over 30 people in attendance. Then a  lovely family with five children attended our third informational meeting to learn more about non-profits within our city. We love having younger voices in attendance!
  • We’re spotting our welcome shirts around town and on social media across the nation- - a simple and powerful way to send a message of welcome to our neighbors.
  • We expanded our workspace and welcomed our newest tenant -- Samaritas’ Resettlement Therapist for survivors of torture, Bethany DeBlaay.  

Your love has come in the form of donations, Sister Circle volunteering, administrative help, and simple words of encouragement. We are so grateful to be a part of this welcoming community and look forward to watching it grow.

Want to help spread the love further this year?  We need you.

Join our Founders Circle by becoming a monthly donor. Rest assured, 100% of your gift goes to connect refugee women and girls to our local community so they can sink down roots and flourish.  A monthly gift of just $25 buys an Oxford Picture Dictionary- a powerful tool for English language learning within Sister Circles. Most of all, you'll be helping to build a beautiful community.