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Celebrating World Hijab Day);

Celebrating World Hijab Day

February 1 is the annual World Hijab Day. We are celebrating at Treetops, along with our Concentric leaders and members.  What is World Hijab Day? World Hijab Day was started in 2013 by Nazma Khan to encourage freedom of religious expression and cultural...
Building Space for Mental Health);

Building Space for Mental Health

This blog is part of our Building to Belong series, sharing additional insight into what the cross-cultural community center established through our capital campaign will mean for our West Michigan community. If you have not read our inaugural blog in this series,...
What Not to Say to New Americans);

What Not to Say to New Americans

New Americans are often met with questions that either startle them or leave them feeling all the more isolated and misunderstood. These questions are generally not meant to harm; curiosity is often the main intention behind the ask. Yet, our goal should...