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Meet SaraJane, our Collective Care Specialist. In partnership with the Treetops Collective Team, SaraJane works to further the Treetops Collective mission by supporting holistic growth while building and strengthening the resiliency of the collective at large. 

SaraJane began her career working in education to support students, educators, and families. Through this work, she became passionate about promoting the well-being of others and creating opportunities that build upon resilience. She recently published a book, Don’t Just Survive, Thrive, that offers options to move beyond stress and burnout. She continually strives to create environments where individuals can be more curious, compassionate, and connected beings. 

SaraJane’s desire to extend welcome has been fostered from the numerous times she has been welcomed and cared for well. Each moment of welcome, whether among the farmlands of Honduras, the mountains of Ethiopia, or when sitting across the table from another, began with curiosity and kindness. She aspires to extend welcome by continually creating space for others to show up just as they are and experience authentic connection. It never hurts to include some tasty food or a good cup of tea into the mix, either. 

Originally from the snowy mountains of Wyoming, she found her way to West Michigan and shares life with her partner and three greatest teachers, their children. In her spare time, you will find her searching for sunshine or sneaking in a moment to enjoy a new book, time in the garden, or a walk and some yoga.