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As the Treetops Program Manager, Megan is our resident "Treetops Cheerleader." Megan activates our community by recruiting and walking with volunteers, supporting program members, and getting West Michigan excited about welcoming work. She loves meeting new community members and sharing about the richness and depth that comes through authentic relationships with our New American neighbors and friends. 

Her time living in Rwanda really imprinted the concept of and the importance of "home" on her heart. Megan experienced profound welcome from many Rwandan neighbors and friends, lighting a fire in her heart to be that same type of neighbor to newcomers in Grand Rapids once she returned. Nothing excites Megan more than honoring our common humanity while leaning into our differences and what we can learn from one another. This is truly what sets her soul on fire. 

Thoughtful and engaging questions and conversation are the best way to help Megan feel welcome and is also how she aspires to spread welcome to others. Megan is endlessly curious and is always looking for ways to dive into what makes each of us unique! 

A few fun facts about Megan! She loves taking risks and putting herself out there - her friends thoroughly enjoy that she can't turn down a dare. She aspires to live life boldly and authentically. Megan’s favorite hobbies are roller blading, reading, and teaching group fitness classes. Another fun thing is that Megan gets to use her rusty Kinyarwanda skills from time to time with program members/colleagues, which is always a special treat for her.