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Liz is the Cross-Cultural Community Manager and seeks to connect individuals and build community through relationships based on curiosity, cultural exchange, celebration of differences and shared experiences as well as mutuality. 

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, she worked with women and girls on reproductive health and educational scholarship programs before working for nearly a decade in higher education with international students at both Grand Valley State University and The University of Texas at Austin. She is passionate about cross-cultural friendships, mentorships and relationships and inspired by the impact that global experiences have on individuals’ personal, professional, intellectual, cultural and empathetic development.

Most recently she worked as a consultant and freelance writer in Colombia for five years before returning to Grand Rapids with her Colombian husband and two sons. In Colombia she was welcomed in countless ways into the homes, lives and traditions of friends and family. As a person who lives in a bi-national and bilingual household she navigates cultural and linguistic differences on a daily basis and finds that humor and humility always save the day. She loves to welcome visitors into her home with tea and something sweet and enjoys adventures with her family, deeply values time with friends, and practices yoga and paints whenever time allows.