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Lauren is Interim Executive Director of the Collective, leading the team that activates the larger Grand Rapids community to spread welcome. Lauren does it all––from project management and storytelling, to technology and team building, she’s been bringing her gifts to Treetops since August 2017.

 Before that, Lauren studied marketing and writing in undergrad, managed digital communications for an international economic development organization, and was project management director at a local digital creative agency.

Travel to Guatemala woke her passion for the role that business and economics play in community development and social justice. She felt great welcome there as well as during her time in Haiti, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Morocco, and Spain.

Lauren creates welcome for others by hosting people in her home. She’s always planning the next gathering, whether it’s pizza on the balcony, backyard campfires, or a birthday celebration. She says, ”I think we’re sometimes missing spaces where there’s an open door and you can feel welcome to walk right in without knocking.”

In her next life, Lauren would like to be a poet and own a venue where she’d host Truth Tuesdays––a night where fellow performers could deconstruct a social issue and discuss actionable steps toward positive change.