Meet Jackie G

Jackie is our Events and Building Manager at Treetops Collective. With a strong background in managing community-focused spaces and over 15 years dedicated to hospitality and events, Jackie brings a wealth of experience and a passion for fostering connections. Her previous role as Business Manager at Wealthy Theatre involved bringing the community together through performance, visual arts, and culture. Jackie played a pivotal role in transforming the historic venue into the vibrant cultural space it is today, where people can gather to enjoy diverse artistic expressions and build meaningful connections.

Beyond her work at Treetops, Jackie is the co-founder of Hot Glue Creux, an initiative that brings crafts and creativity to the community. Whether she's teaching terrarium workshops at Plant Shop GR or hosting craft socials around town, Jackie creates opportunities for people to connect and find joy in making things together.

As a detail oriented gal, Jackie loves planning and organizing events, making sure every little thing is just right. She’s always up for any challenge, diving in with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. Whether it's managing a big event or handling small tasks, Jackie’s knack for the finer points ensures that every Treetops event is met with preparedness and welcoming hospitality.

In her free time, Jackie loves exploring second-hand shops for unique treasures, embarking on road trips with the windows rolled down, and hanging out with her beloved dog, Ludo.