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Freshta is a community activist and student at Calvin University. She began her activism journey as a young girl following a series of violent events impacting her community and the shutting down of her school by the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan. Freshta has always been involved in the communities where her feet have been planted. She is a firm believer in empowering others to see their potential and cooperating with all members of society - despite social, gender, religious and all backgrounds - to build community development across all sectors because “together, every village can prosper.”

Freshta puts her passions into tangible ways to serve every village. She founded Sew True Products, a small business “sewing for a cause.” Here, she creates handmade products to help various communities in need, primarily beginning to help the homeless community at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Freshta is also the author of Persecution: My Story of Courage, and the founder of Hazara Advocates USA to spread awareness and educate the world about the genocide of her people, the Hazara ethnic group.

Freshta hopes to be part of a world where no child grows up thinking a graveyard is a playground, and a world where the persecuted can practice their basic human rights without oppression.

Fun fact? She used to be a shepherd in the hills of Kabul. So if you are up for all talks sheep and goats, she is your person!