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Meet Dana, our Operations Manager. She provides managerial oversight for Treetops’ space and administration, as well as program and volunteer support.

Dana’s heart for spreading welcome and building community comes from her own experience. She learned about the beauty of welcoming from a young age, with her family’s table often expanding to accommodate extra guests. This upbringing paired with her natural curiosity and extraversion has helped her build relationships with new friends wherever she finds herself. She believes that listening is the best form of communication and that when you listen to understand, you can connect, serve, and live better. 

One of the biggest contributors for Dana’s desire to spread welcome comes from when she has been welcomed herself. After college, Dana lived abroad for four years, working at a school in rural Zambia. The warm, kind, and patient welcome she received from her Zambian neighbors made a lasting impact in her life. 

Dana has done a little bit of everything in nonprofit work -- communications, volunteer management, fundraising, and event planning to name a few. She’s glad to bring her jack-of-all-trades spirit to Treetops!

In her spare time, you can find Dana outside, with her friends and family, reading a book or playing a game. She’ll most likely be singing a tune during all of those activities.