Our Story

The team at Treetops Collective represent a variety of backgrounds, professions and personalities. We’re a mix of pastors, educators, lawyers, students, quiet guides, vocal advocates, creative thinkers and faithful neighbors. We were born here in Michigan, in East Africa, and a few places in between.

But, this is what brings us together:

  • We’ve all experienced hospitality in a foreign place and remember what it’s like to feel welcomed.  
  • We think the world can do a much better job of welcoming refugees who have been forced to leave their homes.
  • We believe everyone is created with gifts to share and we want to see our community become a place where all can flourish.

Treetops Collective began in a lovely workspace on South Division as a sewing production space by day, and a community space on nights and weekends- a space we remain in today.

Our work took shape because we wanted to connect creative citizens of all kinds: talented sewists with small business owners, new neighbors with long time residents, creative therapists with a workspace, refugee community leaders with newly arrived families. And our work is still unfolding!

If you are a creative citizen who wants to use your gifts to help write the next chapter of Treetops, visit our Community page to see current opportunities.